Monday, August 29, 2011

Welcome to the Blog!

We are so excited to begin this journey with you! The blog will be a mixture of site feature updates and yoga-related events. We would love to help promote you, so if you ever get an itch to write a blog about an event you taught at or attended, please contact us to be a guest blogger. We would love to have you! was born from an idea sparked in Savasana at the Midwest Yoga Conference. So many conferences feature the same teachers and speakers over and over. Yes, because they are good is a factor. However, another big factor,  revealed after some subtle inquiries of conference planners, is because they are known. People putting on these conferences have never had anything besides word-of-mouth to rely on. They hear about someone, go experience them and remember them for their next event. That makes it a pretty difficult industry to get into. Like the (vegan) chicken-and-the-egg theory - how can you get your name out there as a travel teacher if no one has ever heard of you to hire you so others can get to know your name? is turning this process on its head (Sirsasana anyone?)! Our website allows conference and workshop planners to experience you through your profile. Not only can you put up the normal info - like a brief description, contact info, and fee information - but you can also create an entire experience by linking to audio and video files showing your presence. By adding media files, you are allowing someone who may have never seen you in person get a feel for the way you teach, speak, carry yourself, and connect with others. No longer do conference planners need to travel to see you in person. It's all right there in your profile!

Don't have any videos? Bummer. But if you have a cell phone that can record video, you can change that! Just have a friend video you teaching or doing whatever it is you do best and upload it to YouTube. YouTube is completely free and will do all conversions necessary to make your video web-ready. Then just log into your account and link to your YouTube video. Simple and free - we like that!

While is still getting populated, it is completely FREE. So there are no excuses! As an added bonus, anyone who creates a profile during this beta period will receive 2 months free once the monthly subscription rate of $7/mo sets in.

What are you waiting for? Go create your profile today!

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