Saturday, October 15, 2011

New Changes Coming Your Way

We have some exciting news! We have been picking the brains of some people in the yoga event world, and gotten some great advice on how to make our site indispensable to them. We are poised to capture not only the yoga event planners, but the eye of all event planners (what corporate retreat doesn't have a stress release section?! How many fundraising lunches don't have an inspirational speaker?) with just a few small changes.

The biggest change, is we will begin requiring more information from our Oms. No longer will we allow profiles without tags, or detailed descriptions, or videos, to go live. While we realize this is a bit of a time commitment on the part of the Oms, we are confident it will help us present the best batch of Oms to the event planners now and in the future - full profiles will keep them coming back year after year. To offset that extra effort on the part of the Oms, we will be keeping the site free for a bit longer.

Another big change is how you submit your Om profile. We will be breaking it up into more of a wizard - showing you step by step exactly what will make your profile shine. Lots of help, video explanations, example text - everything you need to help you build a full and complete profile. Look for this change in the upcoming weeks. In the meantime, you can get a jump start on filling in your Om profile completely by logging in today.

We hope you are excited by this feedback from actual event planners as we were. We are on our way towards becoming the premier source for staffing events and workshops.


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